Touched by the disease, life isnt so precious. Crystal hearts drop off the table and onto the floor. Showing no signs of hope as all of mine shatters

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
It hurts like a biatch..........

Well. Missed the bus this morning. Rode the middle school bus. Everyone thought I was new. Couldnt get my belt from Michele. Then Dustin gay ass promotios was pissin me off, so I tried to punch him in the face, and he put his elbow up. I fucking swung as hard as I could, and now my hand is fractured. On top of that, I might not be able play my show. Then I made brayden touch ugly carols ass. Hahahah. Then we got earl in trouble. My day was ok. Then I had gym. Joey ball tapped me. Now I come home. I see braydens info. Poor Brittni. I know it hurts her. Brayden you duesche. Open your f*n eyes and see that you need to be with Brittni. You assfuck. Well im talking to her right now. I feel so bad. I wanna cry. It hurts deep down. Maybe b/c im emo flex. Well. No band prac tonight. Later swompers. Chaylee---------->hahahah. lol

~emo flex~

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Are you in, or are you out?

Whats up people. Im gonna start off where I left off. Well. Friday went to school. Fun. After school show @ the vfw. My ride couldnt take me, so Alans sis took me. Thanx Ami, your cool shit. So she dropped me off. When she pulled off my wallet was on the dash, and my ticket was inside so I chased her. When she stopped I gave her my coat. BIG MISTAKE. So me Lex, and Shane were walking and everyone is kicking shane in his ass b/c he had a mcchicken sandwich. So we get to the show. I go in. I fucking missed AlExIa, one of my good friends bands. Boy was I pissed. Well I watched Bayside. They were pretty good. Then Wingz. Eric you fucking beast. I love you man. keep up the good work. Good Job Matson, Johnson, and Revetta too. Thats just like them to put on a fucking awesome performance. I seen Michele, Bishop, Ashie, Brittni, Dah, Brittany, Jesse, Allison, Phil, other friends I havent seen in forever, and my old pal Mason Tripp. He is a sailor. He kicks ass. He is home for the holidays, then back to chicago my hometown.  Well Michele, and everyone else was mad at me. Sorry Michele. Then Dah, and Brittni left. It looked like dah was crying while I was talking to Mason. She said I was "too cool" for them. Flex is like no where near cool. Then Brittni was upset. They said bye to me, and they looked soo sad. I felt like the biggest pile of shit ever. It hurt really bad deep down. So after they left, and I realized that I should have spent some more time with my girls, I left and went outside to see if they were still there waiting. They werent. I felt so bad. It tore me up. So I went back inside. Jesse won a Wingz cd for break dancing. Then I finished watching Silverstien. They were soo great. All of a sudden I love CANADA! Actually I dont but its not so bad after all. Well after the show. I sat with Barry the cookie monster, Cody, Dave, Ashley, Dena, Chubby, Kristin, and Drew. Barry wouldnt lay off of how hot Meagan Garner. She is pretty hot, but geez barry. she has a b/f and hes my friend. So after I told him that he started talking about Dena. We stood outside, while I passed out my flyers. I was outside without a coat for about 45 minutes. Thats where the sickness began. We left. Codys mom took us home. I got home, and the first thing I did was call Dah. We talked. I told her I was sorry. She was tired so I got off the phone. Then I called Brittni and we talked too. I told her I was sorry. I felt alot better. Then we got off. I tried  to call Michele but she wasnt home. So I went to Josh Clintons party. It was outside. I chilled there till 4:30. It was there that I got sick. I went home and slept in the warmth. When I woke up. My throat was hurting. My tonsils were "swoll* ----> jeremy. lol. Actually they were swollen. So I told my mommy. She gave me some medicine. Well I woke at 6 so it was time for band practice. After that I got ready and Jeremy came to get me.  We had a good practice. So I went home. Then sunday I woke up. I was even sicker. I couldnt breathe. I couldnt drink. I couldnt eat. I couldnt swallow. Not that I would swallow but. Hahah. So Jesse called me. He asked if I wanted to go play rugby with him at the field behind rostraver supermarket. I said no b/c I had to go to church. So then I was getting ready for church. Jeremy called me. He wanted to know if I wanted to play rugby. I told him no too, b/c I was sick, and had church. Well my mom was tired and we didnt go to church. So my mom goes "you wanna take the van for a little bit* I was like fuck yeah. So I got ready and left. I pulled up to the field bumpin some saosin. Everyone was like "FLEX!* Everyone was suprised to see me. We played a little bit. We danced to some Eye of the Tiger. Then I did some doughnuts in the gravel, and drove all over the field, doing doughnuts. It was cool shit. Then we stole a buggy. It was the greatest thing Ive done in a long time. Tali, Commi, Star, and Jesse put the buggy in the back of my van. We all piled in. Jeremy followed us. I drove down to the football field. I got stuck in the grass. I thought I was stuck, and that I was never gonna get out. Well I had the f*n parking brake on. I took it off and it helped alot. We took the shopping cart out, and dropped it off in the trails. Then we left. I totally destroyed the grass at the middle school. It was fun. So we went back to the store. Stars dad came in his El Camino. He was rippin it up. He burned out. His car is hot shit. Stars dad dropped them off. I did a big ass u turn and the po was right there. Right after that Stars dad burned out and took off past the middle school. We were all watching, then all of a sudden the po flew past after Stars dad. Stars dad is a beast. Then Mat Todd. Came. I asked him to race. He said no. I said yeah my van will beat your pussy Focus. So we did it. Jeremy followed in the Anal Probe. We started at Bills, and ended somewhere in the middle of cedar creek, and the honda dealership. Commi rode with me, Tali rode with todd, and little todd. Everyone else rode with Jeremy. The first race, I fucked Mat up. He couldnt catch up. Then we raced again. I had the lead. I was only doing 80 the first time when I won, and 75 the second time. Mat had to be flooring it. He passed me, and swerved almost hitting two cars. It was awesome though. Then we met up at crossroads. I shook his hand. But after all he was racing a mini van, with a focus. He should have won. Then I took tali, with me and commi, back to bills. We were doing like 90 and I almost hit some fag. Then we passed Nick, and Alan. I raced some old guy, revved, and made fun of him. Then we played some football. I was all time q. I kept scoring runs. I was so fast no one could catch me. So we quit. I did some more doughnuts in the gravel. We danced. Drank pop, ate doughnuts. Then I had to leave. So I dropped the crew off at the middle school, and left. I love You GUYS! Talbert, Commi, Dan, Star, Jesse, and Jeremy. You guys are the shit, So I went home. Jeremy followed. I went a diff way. I beat him. Then we went to his house. We had prac. Then I went home. We have a fully complete song now. Shane is the shit.

Woo. Monday! Jeremy came to get me at 10 for senior project. We were being followed by Alan and Nick. We tried to lose them but we couldnt. Then we fucked them up. We lost them. We went in did are thing. I make about 170 thousand dollars more than Jeremy. HAHAH. its ok couch. Then we left. Went home. Ate some food. Went to Advance to get a application. Me and Jeremy both went. Its so funny b/c one of us always goes in first. Not together. Its funny. Then we left. We went home. Chilled. Cleaned up the headquarters. I got Jeremy hooked on Coheed. I mean hooked his ass isnt getting off of the hook. He loves them. I do too. Your welcome Jeremy. Then we went to pick up Nick and Rachel. they are such a great couple. Well we pulled up listening to some Eye of the Tiger. I got out and danced while two old people watched. It was funny. Then we dropped them off at bills for hockey. We went to crossroads. We got a call from Nick. Hockey was over but he had a ride. So me and jeremy went to Eric Zyski's bday party. We didnt want to be early. So we chilled at the gas station. We had fun. Then we left. On the way there Jeremy did this awesome ass turn and a mini van almost hit us, but they didnt. Then we fucked them up going up the hill. We got there. Chilled. Shane was there. So was burns. Then Alan showed up. We had fun. Jeremy and Alan hit up the trampoline. It was awesome. Alan almost landed a frontflip big air. They were the highlight of the party. Then jeremy left so he wouldnt get in trouble. Thank flex for reminding him to leave. So then Trent was telling us a story about Mr Poindextar, Mr Grice, Mr Z, and Mr was soo funny b/c he was drunk. So was Bildo, and everyone else. Then we went inside. There was a pool game going on. Then Alan took me home. It was awesome. Then slept. Today was no practice. Its cool though. The best weekend of my life. Hahaha. Well people. Back to gay school. Take it or leave it. Later swompers.

~emo flex~

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Thursday, November 06, 2003
Enter the Matrix

Well im gonna start this off after I came home from school. I went to Alans house, and hung out with him, and Anton for a bit. Ate like usual, then I took a big ass nap. I woke up and went to practice. I was helping terri's daughter set up her train set. Shes so cute, and she thinks im cool. So im helping her, and Shane, Jeremy, and Phil didnt know I was there. Turns out they didnt know where I was. They called Alans house looking for Alan, and Me. Someone told them we werent there, but we were, and we were sleeping. Well we went to get a fuse. I thought the lawnstore had go-karts. Shane goes "we are gonna have our first music video on snowblowers." "well put flex's drums on the big one, and we can all ride the little ones." then we left after me thinking snowblowers were go karts. I decided to walk over this blockers and they got my pants wet like i p'd myself. Then we had a mosh pit in the back of the car. Shanes a beast. I dont want to get into another backseat mosh pit with him. Him fuck you up. Well we had practice. It was pretty good. I kinda made Alan mad. Im sorry bro, I luv ya. Then I left to go to youth group b/c nothing takes the place of church, and I wasnt giving in. So everyone left. Me and Sean hit up church. THEN>>>>>>>>>THE MOVIES!!!!!!Me and Sean went to go see The Matrix Revolution. It was the most kick @$$ movie Ive seen in ages. I loved it to death. We bought our tix. Ate at wendys and came back. Got our seats, and it began. Two hours of pure, breathe taking, adrenaline pumping, action packed, empty cup of cherry coke, excitment! I spent 12 dollars at the snack place. Then the bastard wouldnt give me a damn refill, but he ended up hooking me up. It was soo great. Me and Sean are going to see it again. Then we hung out and I didnt get home till about 12:45. Thanx Sean. Then school today. I missed the gay ass bus again. Thanx Jeremy for getting me. I appreciate it. Then I taught CPR, AED, and did my lifeguard duties. I got to swim the whole day, play full court pool basketball, and check out all of the hot ladies. They were pretty hot too. I think they were soo hot, the pool is missing a little water. Well I saw a boob today in the pool. It was pretty awesome. I told brayden and mat, and boy did they want to come be a lifeguard with me. Too bad mrs ream wouldnt let mat out. Well this girl Kristyn. Shes pretty hot. I prob spelled her name wrong. Shes mat's cousin. hahah. Sorry mat. well Phil gets a cab today.....yay......

Well. All of my friends think im too good for them. HA. Let me tell you. Im actually not good for anyone. Sorry friends. Its my fault. Geez.........VICTIM??????

Well I just laugh. Wingz, Alexia, and SILVERSTIEN TOMMORROW!!!!!!!

Im soo pumped up. Well. Thank god blog is back up. You bastard. You were down earlier. O well. Later swompers.

~emo flex~

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Cast out the weak, and burn their desires

Missed the bus today. Didnt get to school till 9:43. Did my CPR, AED, and Lifeguard duties. It was fun having everything body look up to me, and think how awesome I was. You guys made my day. Well last night I found out my little brother was moving. I almost cried b/c im sooo emo. Well I went over to talk to him about it and stuff. The little punk is only moving down the street. GEEZ!
I thought he was moving to like Pittsburgh, or another town or something. Last night was one of the best practices. Alan, Shane, Nate, and I all had the time of our lives while Jeremy, and Ash were upstairs doing her english. It is a bitch. Damn you Julius Ceaser, you assgoblin you. Well I played some punchline on phils trusty gee-tar while alan busted out his punchline pj drumming skills on my set. Shane sang, and Nate was just there. Then I started screaming. Shane goes "man
flex is a beast, look at him, hes gonna flip out. That made my day also b/c it seems like im the only idiot that says " LOOK IT!" Well Shane loves my scream, so does Alan. I have to work on it though. Im soo pumped up for our show on the 21st. I want to say thanx to Donald, even though we arent even there yet. But hey, its never to late, or early. ??? Well Some assfucker out bid me on ebay on my ps2, and gamecube. Ill have one of my friends shit on them. Bastards. I was sad. I was looking forward to having those systems. Dude. I dont know. Its been really hard to sleep lateley. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, counting the cars on my walls that I dont even have. So..............I decided to walk around the beautiful Village of Shit Royal. I walked around, got looked at by a skunk. Man I ran for my life. Then I fell in some wet grass, and my whole left leg looked like I got confronted by the skunk and his crew and I was so scared I p'd myself. Well that didnt happen. So..........I wrote Yo Momma on a couple of peoples cars with my finger. It looked pretty cool in the like mist or whatever you call it. Well I feel lonely too sorta. I miss my friends. No one likes me anymore. Flex is just Flex. No I think about everything. ha. Its not as funny as I thought it was. It hurts. But ill just have to get over it. Hacking with Mat, Jenna, Brayden, Ryan, Marty, Hough, Hornfuck, Parr, Sandal Boy, and Myself. That is the highlight of the day. I look forward to it. Well. today was gay. But hey. So is everything else. Later swompers

~emo flex~

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Destruction by words...........

Today was pretty gay. I forgot my swimming trunks for class. More gay ass rumors. Then theres this son of a b* alphonso who keeps writing in my gbook. who the f* is he? who knows. I also noticed guest appearances by larry the virgin, dora the explorer, and tim the lingo king in dahs gbook. you guys are soo gay. well. today just keeps getting worse. one good thing did happen. im happy. i guess.  mat little your so f*n awesome. be like mat little. ride bmx. well. band prac today. yay. another hour or so of complete "mayhem". well. ill talk to you guys later. call me if im not dead, and you want to hear my sad, crusty emo voice. hasta manana...........


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Monday, November 03, 2003
Sleep all you can

Well I was supposed to wake up today and go to school. I was teaching CPR and AED to all of the young ninth graders. I was looking foward to it. Get out of every class you have for a week. You cant beat that. I guess thats what you get for having your emt license. Well after a kick ass day at work yesterday, I figured it would be fun to go to school and do what I love doing, and Have no class or work. Work was awesome. We went to a track called High Voltage. It was about an hour and a half away. Me and Jeremy woke up at like 6 and left to get gas. Anton didnt come. Who knows why. Well we got our gas. Left to go meet Wes's dad Mr Little. He was cool. We had to go to BP in Belle Vernon to get his Sprite, b.c Exxon didnt have it. Damn you Exxon. Well Mr. Little gave us money for toll, and we got some oil too. I slept, and Jeremy drove. We got there, signed in. Ate. Seen the first ever pastor on a motorcycle. Set up some stuff. Got our flags. Began working. Brayden, Burk, Sessy & his sis were late. They got lost. I worked about a million miles away from everyone else. I felt special though b/c there was no asshole to yell at me like Jeremy. It was great watching Jeremy wave his medic flag like every ten seconds. I had alot of accidents near me too. Joeys mom makes kick ass sandwiches. Just thought youd like to know. Well after that, and mat doing his look at the ground, jump in the air and grab your nuts thing. Everything else was fun. Then everyone made fun of me for being the EMO flex that I am. Oh and me crying. It was cool. The mule is a beast. Especially when you have a one handed angry bmx rider who hasnt rode a bike in forever behing the wheel. It was fun. I had the Ultimate OFF ROAD experience with Mat, Joey, Gavin, Andrew, and Jeremy. Just know if you get in the Mule with them, its gonna be hell. Well we got paid, and left. We took ash, and em home. Then we seen some old ass fucker hit two little bambi. Boy was I pissed. That fucker. I was gonna cuss him out but Jeremy wouldnt let me. Then the po fucking shot the deer in the head. Can you say ANIMAL CRUELTY! Bastard. I cant believe he did it. Then the old fucker got a ticket. Jeremy took me back and i pet the deer b/c im soo emo, and I felt bad. It didnt deserve to die. Nothing does. Well just happens that po that shot the deer was the same one I called on Jeremy and Phil when I quit the band. Well all thats over now. We have a new kick ass singer Shane Smith. We have kick ass songs. We have a kick ass band. Life is pretty good. Oh and thanks you the person who dumped me. I dont care. Maybe I do. I do, but thanx anyways. I still love you and I always will.
Donald I had fun chillin with you at Movie Gallery with all the customers. Good TImes. Well people. Time to rap this up. Im going to eat something as usual. Later

~emo flex~

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Movie: Road to Perdition
Song: The Crowing by Coheed & Cambria, Raindrops by Armor For Sleep
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Band: Coheed & Cambria, Yellowcard, Thursday, Punchline, Early November, Homegrown, Brand New, Senses Fail, Starting Line
Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R Jspec
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